450 posts…

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It is post 450.

What did I even write about? I mean Cyro wrote a few posts, but it’s mostly been me. I started this blog several years ago now. I’m at 450 posts.

What should I do for post 500? If I thought doing giveaways in my blog worked, I could do that. Buy a paperback of your choice, sign it, and mail it anywhere in the world. It’s expensive. But for a 500 post I totally would.

Except, all of my attempts using my blog for giveaways have failed.

What should I do special then?

I guess there is nothing special I can do. *sigh* fifty posts means I will hit the number next year. It’s a guarantee. Maybe by then, I’ll have people interested in a paperback giveaway signed and sent anywhere in the world.

Then again, I gave away my ebook of Unwanted to every facebook friend (and anyone else who asked for my holiday greeting). Has that made anything change? I don’t know.

It’s strange to have more likes on my accounts than last year. At least I’m getting likes on my posts. It’s a very slow climb to success when it comes to writing.

All I know is I know have enough books published I could support myself as an author. All I need is people looking to buy them.

First step: Get books in people’s hands.  Which is what I did this year, even more so than before.

Second step: Get people reviewing and talking about me or my books. Cyro does at least. I struggle to do it, but I have a few people who remind me I don’t suck and won’t be against telling others. Cyro’s the only one who blurts it out at random, but at least I know people would reference me if given the chance.

Third step: Profit. It sounds like a big jump, but really step two is where all the work happens.

My step is to get the books, stories, and information into people’s hands. Once they have it, they get to decide about step two. I can’t review my own books. And if I talk about them, it sounds like boasting. A little boasting is okay. Such as telling people a little something to make them interested. Really all I can do is persuade people to buy my books or accept them when I offer. It’s up to other people to really get my circle bigger.

That’s why I seek to do book reviews for books that don’t have at least 50 reviews. Right now money’s tight, so it’ll be hard. But I can go find some free ebooks on smashwords that lack in reviews. Once I find one that I can read from start to finish, I’ll get that review going.

If you want my holiday greeting see here.

If you have a book you want me to review send me a quick message through my FB or cathartliebe@gmail.com.

Leave suggestions for the 500th post. It’ll come quickly. Probably early in 2020. It may not even get a notice if there’s nothing special to say.

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