Poem: Being Split on Relationships

(If you’ve been reading every post, you would have heard I wrote this poem at 13. Yes. I would mark myself pansexual now, but I didn’t know that existed back then. And yes, this poem sucks. It’s more of a reminder for me. It’s more to say, I’ve always been this way. Just because I was pressured in one direction doesn’t change I’ve been looking. I’ve always been looking.)

Being Split on Relationships

My eyes do wander.
The sights I spy
May cause the elders to wonder,
But I dare not ask why.

I look at the guys.
I look at the girls.
I am only thirteen
And I am still questioning.

The girls with the little waist.
The guys with the big biceps.
I can’t seem to choose.
They are both tempting.

I guess I am bi.
But I dare not ask why.

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