Book Review: Desdemona Valentina by S.L. Freake

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*S h e r l o c k i a n * Desdemona Valentina:: – A Femme Fatale Mystery – 1 (Desdemona Valentina Mysteries)

This book was published this year. As per my desires, it had zero reviews when I bought it. I gained access to this #indieauthor and story through Facebook. That’s been where I’ve found a few of my reads. November it was a giveaway through Twitter. If you want me doing a book review for you, speak up. Reviews can make a difference. I’ll post this on goodreads and amazon shortly. (and anywhere else if the author desires)

Now, I’ve read Sherlock Holmes. I read him quite a bit since he has many autistic traits, so I felt connected. When I realized he was a sexist, racist bastard, I gave him up. There has been very few authors from before 1950 that I can read. I’m not against reading more Sherlock or Sherlock based stories. This was an excellent twist.

Book review:


Sherlockian: Desdemona Valentina

**** (4 stars)

If you like Sherlock Holmes with a twist, this series is for you. What twists? For one Sherlock, known in this story as Desdemona, is female. Desdemona also has a fancy for females which is not like Sherlock.

Sherlock was a Gentleman Detective. And for the first book at least, Des is as well.

How long will she manage to hide the fact she isn’t gentlemanly? And when that gets found out will she lose everything? How will she earn the same rights as males within a society that considers females less than?

These are questions that this series will hit upon.

All while handling various mysteries in Sherlock style.

The stories are short quick reads that really remind me of the Sherlock tales I read prior. Considering that is a parallel desired, it is a success.

Why then would I offer the story four instead of five stars?

Formatting. This book needs to be fixed for formatting errors. The paragraphs aren’t set up perfectly, sometimes there are blank pages between chapters other times there aren’t. It gives self publishing a bad name.

The formatting doesn’t detract from the story. It’s still worth the quick read through. I would be interested in the next of the series. It ends with a cliff hanger, but after a conclusion of sorts.

TL;DR: grab up a copy of this short read if you like Sherlock Holmes with a twist or feminism.


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