Poem: Glittering Brass

(This poem will be added to Dove. I’m not sure if I’ll place it in the beginning or at the end, but it suits Joe’s views. Dove is one of the books I want to publish this year. I’m hopeful.)

Glittering Brass

Leaving everything behind
trying for a new sport
beginning this new life
I never would’ve thought

We started out as strangers
I knew none of you
before they made us allies
against this strange new world

I looked up to you as leader
even if I never would
play alongside you
I thought you had enough

only we find you wasted
and struggling with life
as if this pretty place we reached
devoids just about everything

You are the shining star
that everyone holds close
you make the ladies excited
you make the men hope

I have been waiting for the time
when reality looks divine
only to find out it’s brass
instead of the shining gold of the past

I looked up at you shining there
I believed their honest flair
as if the draw is always there
There was something missing then

What they made you face down alone
would make so many cringe at home
yet you stood against the rising tide
and said “I am not going to hide”

We waited with baited breathe
for the time you announce the next
for years or months or barely weeks
you end up showing off in streaks

then of course I cried with you
when things fell apart
not that you ever knew
the tears I have offered you

The trick to playing for the crowd
you learned that young taking out the time
you should have been having fun
yet you say, “that’s alright”

Don’t you regret the time you lost
when everyone was playing up
or do you think you managed well
I mean your bank account has swelled.

I worry about you standing there
upon a platform in the air
standing with roses all around
don’t you feel alone right now?

I cannot say I understand
I never got your grand plan
but something tells me it’s off
as if the clock has struck

Allow me to say this now
you are more than their fancy spouts
they make you more hero
than the human that you are

Don’t give up on living life
or fall apart when you should fight
It may seem overwhelming
holding out against their screech

you can manage (you’ve done before)
so I believe in every word you explain
even if they’re a lie
sometimes that’s all we have left

You are a force, a power, a new class
yet I finally understand
not all that glitters is gold
and gold is not the goal that’s met

For now and later and years beyond
you’ve got an ally in me
I’ll hold up signs and scream your name
because no one should be alone
not even those above the crowd

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(GDragon was the idol I thought of when writing this. Watching him and then learning about some of the behind the scenes and what I get as I face the public.)

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