Poem: Pretty Kitty

(A little short story. Poetry and prose mix nicely.)

Pretty Kitty

The pretty kitty is my friend

I visit it every day

it mews so softly

as I offer food

I finally got to pet it

It won’t be too long

before I can take it

to the vet where it’s safe

the soft white fur
and bright gold eyes
have me begging Mom
I want to keep it
once it lets me pick it up
Soon that will happen
I know how long trust takes

I seek the pretty kitty
where I always feed it
yet all my calls
leave me all alone
Where did it go?
is it hungry?
I had finally got to pet it
I thought I could
take it home with me
now I cannot reach the kitty

where is my pretty kitty?
I start asking all around
someone gave me an answer
it’s not the one I thought
my pretty kitty
did not survive the night
and the shelter offers little
when the lights are out.

(I’m sorry… Not really. I have a goal to kill a cat on screen. I’ve done children, adults, dogs… But never a cat. I still failed.)

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