Writing Prompt: Future Diary Entry

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I picked up a writing prompts book.

It’s more for journal entries than anything else, but I can take the questions or comments as a poem starter or story starter. Whatever I come up with will get posted. I hope to keep blog posts of this nature more consistent. It’s going to depend on my health and use of time.

This is a fun idea. I hope I don’t depress you. I’m trying to show hope. But really I only have hope in certain fields.

Write a diary entry, dated ten years in the future.

Happy Lunar New Year! Year of the Cat again, because why not? (I mean Year of the Dog.)

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it’s another year. Sure, Americans celebrated back on the first of January, but those celebrations aren’t me. They never were. I never fit in with the normal American life.

Still, I don’t fit in here either. I’m glad I have made enough through my writing to travel about and see new things, but… I’m only realizing, I don’t fit in anywhere.

Cyro sent me an email. They made it special for me. It is the traditional Happy Year of the Dog with a big dog on it. Only both the word and the image are scratch out for Cat. It’s nice to think they see every year as my year. It’s nice to have someone support me like that.

I guess you want to know what they’re up to. They’ve been writing as per normal. They get only one book out a year, but that’s better than I did at 21, so I won’t complain at all. Besides the writing, they goes to school with minimum full time hours. They want to become an engineer. Still I have them double majoring with computers. You really can’t do anything without a computer degree anymore.

And they’re dating someone. Cyro’s beau is the sweetest angel, I swear. We had a video chat recently. Cyro was so excited I could finally meet them. They both go to school together. I told them to not make the same mistakes I did in college. Cyro said there was no chance of that happening. I’m not sure whether it’s because there’s no sex, or if they have real precautions in place. Cyro never did tell me if they started the sperm blockers. It’s safer and more effective than the Pill. I can hope. I wouldn’t want them to ruin their college life by having a child.

Sorry. Cyro didn’t ruin my life. They really didn’t. Cyro wasn’t helpful. And it taught me a lot of things I hope no one has to learn, but they didn’t ruin everything.

It’s not like I would’ve been happy in science anyway.

While I’m traveling and writing, I’ve looked into various master’s programs in different countries. It hasn’t looked worth it. Not yet anyway. I hope one day, maybe.

Even now after decades of writing, it feels as if my only place I’m safe is within my created worlds. And now, others want to join me.

Man… Year of the Dog… What should I really expect going into the year? What should my plans be?

Minus the publishing six more stories, two poem books, and at least 52 blog entries. Those are a guarantee. I can’t believe I’m finally publishing Alpha Shifter, 12th Grade. I already started Goblin Princess. It’s going to be only a trilogy. Then it’s you know who. I’m excited to get back to writing from a dragon’s perspective. I won’t lie about that.

And no, I don’t have an Alex. Will everyone stop asking me? I’m going to be forever alone. Let it go. I’m happier this way.

I’m still not sure if I should make specific goals outside of writing. The writing goals are expected in a way. You guys look forward to them. But the rest? Is there anything I want to prove or do or become capable with?

Maybe I should goal seeing more places and meeting more people.

Maybe I should goal making actual friends. Fans really aren’t friends. It’s great they support me, but it feels as if they really support my characters and not me.

Oh! I almost forgot. I am running a fanfiction challenge. My fans are supposed to pick one of my worlds to write a fanfiction for. Then I will pick several for canon and help them publish using my name as support. It’s nice to be able to do that. To help a budding writer. I’m glad I’m finally able to. I love helping.

Anyway, time to close up.


Cat Hartliebe

Happy Year of the Cat (Dog). 2030 will hopefully be a good year.

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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