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I can’t believe I hit 500 posts. I started this blog back in 2016. At that point, I weighed having a blog would be better than not. I had no idea what I’d post. It’s been pretty chaotic. I won’t be stopping that either. I like chaos. It’s comfortable.

Back then Unwanted was created. I published two poem books, two short stories, First Meeting, and Unwanted. Unexpected was published about the same time as the blog starting. It was an interesting year.

In the beginning, I really was clueless. I guess I still am. What exactly do I want to tell the world? I make posts as a writer, editor, author, graphic designer, etc. I post my poems and short stories. I’m putting up a first draft to a brand new story.

I’ve tried youtube and gotten no where. I haven’t really found a groove in twitter, although I’m active there. I like instagram not that I care if anyone is interested. I post for fun. I love taking pictures and showing them off. I also have a facebook page which is where I’m active most.

I set up my amazon author page since I started this blog. This blog looks closer to webpage now than blog. My smashwords profile page exists. I’ve made an interview on there and here. You can find me pretty much anywhere. I try to be available. (Amazon Smashwords)

Actually, if you google “Cat Hartliebe” I am the first thing. And I get the list of books like I’m someone special. I guess asking for a wiki page isn’t an impossible suggestion. I’m female, though. Females don’t get the same consideration as males. (I’ve read up on it. Kinda annoying. But I’m not a super famous author anyway.)

Now I have so many works published to chose from. And I’m not stopping there. For the first few years I happily accepted getting two stories published. Now, two isn’t enough. Last year I wanted at least four new works. This year I’m going for six minimum. I’m doing well on that front.

Currently, you can buy for free: The Spoon, Crown Princess, Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe, Poem a Day May 2015, and Poem a Day 2018. (Ebooks only obvs.) Beautiful, Dark Silence, and Happy Puppy are all set to the 99 cents mark. Annabella and Ji, Cursed Items: A Series of Shorts, and Missing Royals are only $2.99. Unwanted, Unexpected, Undeniable, Unbreakable, Unbelievable, Unavoidable, Year of Poems 2019, The Secret of Pack 413, The Secret of Preshift, and Dragon Rider 6th Grade are all $4.99. Leagende Series, which contains all six books and the bonus content, is my most expensive ebook at $12.99.

In paperback, I have Poem A Day May 2015, Poem a Day May 2018, Year of Poems 2019, Troubled Royals (includes Crown Princess, Missing Royals, Cursed Items, and Annabella and Ji), Unwanted, Unexpected, Undeniable, Unbreakable, Unbelievable, Unavoidable, The Secret of Pack 413, The Secret of Preshift, and Dragon Rider 6th Grade. The prices are either $8.50, $10, $14, or $15.

Do I make a lot of profit? I’m putting more money into my author business than I get out, but I’m making something. I’m selling something. Since I am self published, I make the most profit. For some of them I only make a few cents; others I make over $2 a book.

Am I getting paid my worth?

Look. Writing for me is everything. I can do this and teach Cyro. (He made an amazing new myth I thought he’s post, but whatever.) I can do this even if I’m sick and laid up in bed. Actually I did. Many times. Writing is a release. Writing is a distraction. Writing helps me cope with life. Writing helps me hide from life. Writing is hard. There are so many steps. All my work has hours of time put into it. Even Beautiful which I finished within twenty hours of beginning. I had to put in time. I spent close to ten hours working on it. It was all done in one day, but I wasn’t fooling around during that day.

Being an author allows me to function when I can, do whatever I am able, and still gain something. I can prove to the world my worth. I can accomplish something. I can be proud of my skills. I can say I did that.

I’m not looking for fame or fortune. I just hope I can make enough to support myself and my child. I hope I can make so much the government complains I’m not letting them know about it.

I hope one day people will say I’m their favorite author. Perhaps one day I can be called a favorite poet. One day maybe I can be the obscure author they use for the $500 question on Jeopardy.

I’m not trying to be famous and meet famous people. I’m not trying to become the next King or Pratchett or Martin. I don’t care if people put me next to Rowling when it comes to writers.

I really just want to give my all to the world. I want to create a book to help someone. To let someone know they aren’t alone. To give someone that feeling of “it’s me!” To let someone feel a connection or find an answer or have hope.

I write acceptance. I want others to find self acceptance and society acceptance. That’s my theme. That’s what you find in so many of my stories. Acceptance.

Can I offer you some acceptance? That’s why I write. I want everyone to be accepted. I want to show everyone my love. I want everyone to know I support you. I see you and I support you. I accept you as is. And if you wish to change and grow and become someone better than you are now, I will have your back and cheer you on.

Let me be your mother. That’s my goal as an author. I want to be the one who helps you up and cheers you on. To me, everyone should be accepted.

Technically this is post 502. It doesn’t really matter. I’m only posting to say I’m not going anywhere. Not until my goal of everyone being accepted is realized.

Thanks for being here with me.

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