Cyro: Fun and Games

[About Cyro Hartliebe]

(I wanted to write about fun and games.)

I play lots of games and they are a lot of fun. I’d like to talk about them.

The first one is hero wars. Hero wars is a phone and computer game. There is things that are on the computer that are not in the phone and then there is things that are on the phone that are not in the computer. When you have both types, it get so confusing. I did. But my mom took away the app. (I forgot to mention that it is an app on the phone, not facebook game as it is on the computer.) mom also takes the computer hero wars. I got the computer game version back but I haven’t earned the phone version back. The phone is the stronger account. Still is the stronger account.

The next one is Pokemon go. Pokemon go is a phone moving game. You visit places and spin Pokestops, which is where you get items besides leveling, and Gyms, which you take over or joined and get knocked out of it to get free coins. (50 per day.)

The last one is Uno flip. You know basic Uno rules. The Uno flip has a light side and a dark side. The light side has lighter punishments than classic Uno and the dark side has harder punishments than classic Uno.

That is three of the games that I play. I will name some more soon.

[About Cyro Hartliebe]

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