Poem: Spectral, Ocean, Glasses

(At someone’s behest, I made three Acronym poems. Are they great? I don’t know. Let me know how they make you feel. I’m not separating them this week. Normally I do.)


Single spark starts a spectral fire
Pouring over my own heart
Eating up my lifeblood
Can’t seem to get enough
Tracing lines across my abyss
Racing through the currents
Add in all the different forms
Lives will be reborn


Over the crashing waves
Comes a being with
Eons of power
Accosting the shore
Not leaving a stone unturned


Get on my face!
Lost without you
are many like me.
Stupid to think
standard eyes aren’t allowed.
Easier for many to
see without your help.

-Let me know what you think!-

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