Writing Prompt: Lazy Day

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I picked up a writing prompts book.

It’s more for journal entries than anything else, but I can take the questions or comments as a poem starter or story starter. Whatever I come up with will get posted. I hope to keep blog posts of this nature more consistent. It’s going to depend on my health and use of time.

What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

A lazy day, huh? You mean I’m not supposed to be writing or working social media or helping someone progress in some way or get chores and tasks done? How unlikely, but we’ll go with it.

If somehow I ended up in a situation where I’m stuck without any requirements and I’m allowed to be lazy, I would read. Or put together a puzzle. Or play games by myself or with someone. When I want to relax between tasks now, I do those things.

I would take a walk and just absorb the environment.

I would go visit stores and people watch or come up with new ideas for writing. Or I would just not think. It’s hard for me to not think, but it offers so much benefit.

I would stretch in bed and read up on random articles. I would read fiction stories. I would seek out a new manga or comic. I would watch a nonsense tv show.

I seek out new music. I love music. I love sounds.

I would write poetry.

I can’t not write. It’s part of my relaxation. It’s what I do when I need to calm down.

However, as much as this sounds like a nice day, I would prefer getting chores done. I would prefer working on my stories. I would prefer keeping an eye on my social media. I just would do that while relaxing in nature.

I mean who wouldn’t say no to the beach? I’d just bring my phone and notebook with me. Yeah, I’ll take a few pictures and lie under the sun. But I’m just as likely to start writing a story about the beach birds seeking their destiny. My life as a writer will never end. My life as an author may. I cannot stop being a scientist. I cannot stop being a mother. My jobs are endless. Lazy days don’t really exist. Lazy hours, maybe, but not entire day. You really can’t go an entire day without doing something. At least I can’t. I won’t always chose the hardest item on my list, but something will get checked off.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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