WIPs Over 200!

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No, I’m not joking. I have over 200 stories with some level of work on them. Most of the group are in first draft set up.

No, they’re not all short stories. That would have been the case back in high school (I had novellas and novels started, but none finished). Now, just shy of a third of all my work are novels. A tad less are novellas. Less than half of those stories are shorts.

I counted.

I’m a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of works I have to write, edit, rewrite, and publish. But it’s nice to have an organized list.

So outside of Modern Werewolves (which is random in word count), I have separated them into correct size. Technically, the published group isn’t organized (go buy and read them). Dragon Rider is all novels. Leagende are shorts or novellas. The main stories in Leagende are novellas, the rest are shorts.

Collection of all my works as of Feb 2020.


  1. The Secret of Pack 413
  2. The Secret of Preshift
  3. Annabella and Ji
  4. Crown Princess
  5. Beautiful
  6. Cursed Items
  7. Dark Silence
  8. Dragon Rider 6th Grade
  9. Missing Royals
  10. First Meeting
  11. Finding the Child (unpublished)
  12. Tsuba Ren
  13. Happy Puppy
  14. The Spoon
  15. Unavoidable
  16. Unbelievable
  17. Unbreakable
  18. Undeniable
  19. Unexpected
  20. Unwanted
  21. ??? (Wait and see!!)

Modern Werewolves:

  1. The Secret of Taino (SS)
  2. The Secret of Luna (2nd)
  3. The Secret of Scar (SS)
  4. The Secret of Title (SS)
  5. Forgotten Friend (wrong title) (SS)
  6. Alpha Protector (2nd)
  7. Alpha Successor
  8. Alpha’s Guard
  9. Alpha’s Mistrusted (SS)
  10. Alpha’s Concern
  11. Alpha’s Diner
  12. Alpha Child (SS)
  13. The Truth in Blood
  14. The Truth in Family
  15. The Truth in Family, Part 2
  16. The Truth for Humans (SS)
  17. The Truth in Canada
  18. The Truth Between (SS)
  19. The Truth with Life
  20. The Truth of Youth (SS)
  21. The Truth as Alpha
  22. The Truth in the Future
  23. The Truth of Hope
  24. Forgotten Past
  25. Forgotten Humanity
  26. Forgotten Lover
  27. Forgotten Father (SS)
  28. Forgotten Home
  29. The Way of Mating
  30. The Way of True Mates
  31. The Way of Survival
  32. The Way of Beta
  33. The Way of Successors
  34. The Way of Change
  35. The Way of Journalism
  36. The Way of Family
  37. The Way of Healing
  38. The Way of Running
  39. The Way of Flight
  40. The Youngest Alpha
  41. The Youngest Doctor (NC)
  42. ???

Dragon Rider:

  1. Dragon Rider 7th Grade (2nd)
  2. Dragon Rider 8th Grade (2nd)
  3. Dragon Rider 9th Grade (2nd)
  4. Dragon Rider 10th Grade
  5. Dragon Rider 11th Grade
  6. Dragon Rider 12th Grade
  7. Dragon Rider Care Bear Shorts (In story meaning)
  8. Alpha Shifter 6th Grade
  9. Alpha Shifter 7th Grade (NC)
  10. ??? (Alpha Shifter 8th Grade) (I had to stop and get the rewrites going.)

Leagende (etc):

  1. Unsure (NC)
  2. Unwise
  3. The Hair Incident
  4. Lieben (NC)
  5. Zusammen
  6. Cardenil’s Governor
  7. ??? (Leagende Reevaluated is going to be a series, but it’s not completed.)

Novels: (more than 50k)

  1. A Fire: Born and Bred (1st)
  2. A Test of Power (1st)
  3. Amenda (x3) (1st, 1st, NC)
  4. American White (3rd)
  5. The New Merlin (1st)
  6. The Blood (NC)
  7. Casey (NC)
  8. Cassandra (NC)
  9. Coming Soon (NC)
  10. Organization Mission 1-9 (1st)
  11. Organization Mission 10 (NC)
  12. Trigger (NC)
  13. The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper (1st)
  14. Daughter of Water (NC)
  15. DigiFix (NC)
  16. Dove (1st)
  17. Teen Test Train Freshman Year (1st)
  18. Teen Test Train Sophomore Year (1st)
  19. Teen Test Train Junior Year (NC) (Six books minimum are planned for this series)
  20. Kura, Life Elf (1st)
  21. Kura, After Death (1st)
  22. Kura, Before Birth (NC) (Not final book in series)
  23. The Lady (NC)
  24. LORAX (NC)
  25. Love or Die (x?) (1st)
  26. Low Level Demons (1st)
  27. Low Level Demons: Feeling Superior (NC) (There are four or five books being set up for this series.)
  28. ??? (Nanowrimo will probably add this.)

Novellas: (between 15k and 50k)

  1. Adventure Worthy (1st)
  2. Demi, Half Breed (1st)
  3. Cinderella Reworked (1st)
  4. Brazilian Blue (1st)
  5. Brites, Lexus, and Carter (NC) (This will probably just attach to Brazilian Blue’s story instead of two separate.)
  6. Religious Alpha (NC)
  7. Corinthanna and Darthcannonaire (2nd) (The first draft was made in high school. It’s my oldest longest work.)
  8. Half Prince (1st)
  9. Crown Prince (NC)
  10. Cyro’s Middling Adventure (NC) (Cyro was supposed to help me with this one.)
  11. Demons (1st)
  12. Desert Alpha (NC)
  13. Double Mage (1st)
  14. Cat Becomes Mother (1st)
  15. Returning Home (1st)
  16. Elyennila (1st)
  17. Head of Hart (1st) (This is in Tsuba Ren‘s world.)
  18. Healing Princess (NC)
  19. Lycacon, Wolfish Paladin (1st)
  20. Trio of Princess: Bree, Serena, Sam (1st)
  21. Genie’s Wishes (NC) (This is being posted as made. Ask for it.)
  22. The Missing Noble (NC)
  23. Team Rodrick (NC)
  24. ??? (Some NC in shorts will probably bump up to novella or novel.)

Shorts: (less than 15k)

  1. Aquarium Visit (3rd)
  2. Bubbles (3rd)
  3. Cat Ears (2nd)
  4. Cat Ears 2 (NC)
  5. Trudy’s Big Day (1st)
  6. Dragon Fruit (2nd)
  7. Druid’s Daughter (NC)
  8. Father Knows Best (2nd)
  9. Early Visit (1st)
  10. Ella Hates Chris (NC)
  11. Fall (2nd)
  12. Fireworks (2nd)
  13. Fix the Computer (2nd)
  14. Fredrick and I (2nd)
  15. Goblin Car Bomber (1st)
  16. Grim and Catherine (1st)
  17. Hakkori (1st)
  18. Hurrican (NC)
  19. Innocent Friend (3rd)
  20. Jeremy’s Magic Fish (NC)
  21. Step Crunch (3rd)
  22. Joshua Befriends the Devil (NC)
  23. Vampiric Kevin (1st)
  24. The Hanlon Key (2nd)
  25. The Creature of Lake Pam (3rd)
  26. Look at Me (1st)
  27. Marriage First (1st)
  28. Metal Hand (NC)
  29. Microfiction (x?) (1st)
  30. Mrs. Namil (1st)
  31. Mute (NC)
  32. My Blueberry Wand (1st)
  33. Namkyu’s Lost Phoenix (1st)
  34. Angelic Outcasts (2nd)
  35. Princess Katherine and Lord Joseph (NC)
  36. Snow (1st)
  37. Rainbow Find (2nd)
  38. Rock Paper Scissors (2nd)
  39. RP (NC)
  40. Sally’s Holiday Celebration (1st)
  41. Sedreave Darkspear (NC)
  42. Lost in a Fire (2nd)
  43. Skill Less (2nd)
  44. Snow White Reworked (2nd)
  45. Blood Thirsty Dreams (2nd)
  46. Telsa and Boyan (1st)
  47. The Bet (2nd)
  48. The Brothers: Hero and Villain (1st)
  49. The Cubs Reunite (1st)
  50. The DM Killed Me (1st)
  51. The Drive (2nd)
  52. The Hair Returns (1st)
  53. The Little Merman (1st)
  54. Two Boots, One Date (1st)
  55. Vampire Killer (1st)
  56. Shifting Values (1st)
  57. Becoming Safe (1st)
  58. Newspaper (1st)
  59. Zoo Death (2nd)
  60. Wizard with Imps (NC)
  61. ??? (I have a literal stack of ideas for shorts. I need collections to drop this number.)

Will never see the light of day: (There are 20 stories classed here)

(Haha! You thought I’d post these. No way. Although if you compare the list to some of my wip lists, you’ll notice a few have disappeared. These guys aren’t for you at all.)

Looking at the stuff I have here, I’m thinking of formatting up an extra book for Leagende. It would include the Hair Incident, Cardenil’s Governor, the letters, and the childhood memories. It should be long enough when I combine all of them. You can buy them now in Leagende Series ebook, but I want to have a paperback to includes everything. The Hair Incident and Cardenil’s Governor aren’t available in print. The letters in the original book are in corrupted German (the second edition switched them to English). Undeniable has some of the childhood memories. It sounds like a good way to satisfy my formatting and organizing desires. (And there is someone who would love to have that in paperback form. He doesn’t handle computers well.)

I have several short story collections going: The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories, Skill Less and Other Fantasy Short Stories, NJWP (bad name), Reworked Fairy Tails, and First Meeting X2. I hope that’s all of them right now.

Basically all the not complete shorts fit into one of the collection I made. I did that on purpose. First Meeting has 25 short stories in it, but it’s published as a group. When I get The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories published my published count goes down. I have to unpublish several that can be found inside the book.

Right now I am working on Dove’s rewrite. It’s longer than the original and that happens often in my work. Novellas turn into novels. Not always, but sometimes. I know which ones would do better longer. Novellas aren’t loved. Shorts are loved. They’re meant to be read completely in one evening even by a slow reader. Novels are loved because you get to completely immerse yourself in the story and world. So the fact novellas is my smallest number of works is consistent with the world’s desires.

This list is overwhelming to me. Let alone to you guys. If something just pops with interest, speak up. I do know all 200 off the top of my head (that idea is creepy too). Focus on the twenty or so that are published. Ask for those I’ve started the story here. Look into the series I’m publishing (hopefully).

I should make up a post talking about my short story collections and what they are each about. Most of them need more books before being published. *shrug* As if I don’t have enough stories, I need to create more just to publish. *sigh* It’s a forever growing list.

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Updated #s: 270 total in my worksheet. (Probably still missing a story here or there.) (And the draft level is questionable in some cases)

3232 plots
4040 0th Drafts
142142 1st drafts
2222 2nd Drafts
1212 3rd Drafts
11 4th draft
2020 7th Draft (Final)
11 Unpublished

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