Poem: Fingers Out of the Mouth

(This is all for Cyro. And for my various friends who are parents. And for those who end up hearing me repeat fingers over and over.)

Fingers Out of the Mouth

children seem impossible
no matter how hard i try
they end up being unreasonable
i can’t believe how often i yell
“fingers out of the mouth”

even when im dealing with others’
children, i feel as if it’s constantly the same
we are always yelling
“put your pants back on” or
“eat your food or there’s no tv”

as if nothing is different
yet everything is different
i can tell my child anything
yet i’m also bellowing
“fingers out of your mouth”

the complaints of parents are all the same
“hands out of your pants”
“wear your coat correctly”
“don’t run into the street”
“it’s bedtime; go to bed”

my common phrase isn’t unusual either
because so many kids try to eat everything
children are both the greatest thing
and the absolute worst
“fingers out of your mouth, child”

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