Poem: Covid-19

(The reason my month has been limited is because I got it. And I wasn’t really doing well while suffering. Not breathing isn’t fun.)


I was so frightened.
It could be my death.
My lungs are a weakness;
I’m immunocompromised.

Somehow my precautions weren’t enough-
child probably did it.
They can’t wash their hands to save a life.
I became sick;
they just coughed a little.

Fear could not control me,
yet I had so much fear.
I was losing the battle.
I couldn’t breathe…

Several days of fighting,
I didn’t give up.
My body didn’t fall further;
I was only marked moderate.

I’m used to not breathing.
It was the worst of my life
without end for days,
and then, I revived.

I was so afraid
this could have been my end,
yet my lungs feel cleaner
than they’ve ever been.

People are doing a lot less
to limit the spread of this.
Because of that, the world is green,
and the greener world helps me heal.

Would I have survived so readily
if the people were letting
pollution get the best of me?
I cannot say,
but I survived because of you.

Thank you.

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