Poem: Worry Stone

(I wonder if I can get 10 poems today. I’ll post as they are written.)

Worry Stone

I rub you every night and day
so you can take away
all the worries I have caught
and bundled up within my heart

So many times I have been distracted
and lost myself to troubled waters
so rubbing you makes things better
it’s a distraction that makes me calmer

I suggest you get one yourself
a stone to rub when times are tough
everyone has worries to release
a good rub on a worry stone helps

(I have an actual worry stone. There is a grove in it the size of my thumb, so it’s comfortable to rub. It allows for a meditative like feeling while pressing against it and getting anger out. It’s a safe way to vent. Same goes for a worry doll.

What did you think I meant?)

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