Poem: Trying Time

(The more I see, the less I feel safe.)

Trying Time

it’s been a trying time
for everyone
don’t act like you were the only one

it’s not just you who suffers so
it’s many who feel the blow
we’re reeling don’t you know

why even think it’s only you
as if YOU
matter more than we do

yet when the markets come
and government deems who gets strong
and we are left with only song

you complain it’s not enough
to us
who wait and cuss

you have acquired a billion beyond
whatever we have in store
(no way are we given more)

our only hope left
is to sharpen knives
we must begin taking lives.

community is meant for all
we don’t need a lot
just food, clothes, and a cot

why is it you deny those things
to offer those with greed?
this will only plant the seed.

are you with me?

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