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So yesterday my goal was ten poems. I was thinking of just throwing down some acronym or haikus which I can throw down really fast, but I never sat down to write them.

I could’ve gone with sonnets too. Really once you get used to the poem type, writing in that style becomes easy as pie. I really suggest studying a type of poem and just creating them over and over again. I won’t say every attempt at writing them will succeed, but the controlled requirements are helpful to keep your poetry going easily.

Yesterday, I was really in no state for order. If you noticed all of my poems say me and do so in free verse. Hands down Free Verse is the hardest poem type to handle. It’s comes down to too much freedom.

For me- as my tagline for the blog makes a note of- I am chaos. I run with chaos. We’re besties.

Okay, not really. I’m not really chaos. I’m not really running with chaos. It’s just in such an ordered society, chaos is desired. Perhaps if I was stuck in a highly chaotic environment I’d switch. I have before after all. But right now, my life is structured.

In the end, I managed six poems. I don’t know when I’ll get the last four, but I still have a few days this month. I didn’t sit down and work on my poetry like I wanted to. Child isn’t handling everything very well.

Am I disappointed in myself? No. I’m not. I shouldn’t be. Nor should you. When you make a goal that’s difficult, you should be happy if you manage something.

It comes down to don’t aim for impossible goals. Aim for reasonable goals. You’ll get those. You’ll feel the elation of completing said goals. You’ll slowly reach for those impossible goals. By focusing on the little steps, the big ones will become possible.

Building a house sounds insane, but it can be built one stone at a time. Every castle started as just a bunch of stones.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Poem Books]
[About Cyro Hartliebe] [Cyro Hartliebe’s Poem Books]
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