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For the past through months (yeah, months), I’ve had the poems set up in advance. Then if I miss a few days or aren’t quite up to writing a blog post, things just posted for Monday.

I’m finally out. I’ve been meaning to go through my collection and pick a few for the coming weeks, but I’m not putting the time down. The chaos around me is affecting me.

Should there be a poem on Monday next week? Yeah. I’ll set up a few weeks shortly. But I just want everyone to be aware in case I end up dropping back into illness. That’s been my norm. A day here or there feeling good. Most of the time being too sick to function.

The more I pay attention to my actions, the pollution concerns, my allergens, the more good days I have. There is always problems, though. I cannot control a lot of it. And if I sink, it’s hard to get my energy back up on my own and I’ve learned I can’t trust my family when it comes to food safety.

That’s the life of chronic illness.

Don’t be worried about me if my poems stop for a bit. I’ll get it up and running ASAP. That’s my goal. Write ten poems this month and set up for the next few months with poems. Mostly I’m putting off organizing and reviewing. It’s been a tough few weeks trapped inside.

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