Ack! Poem’s Missing! Poem: Seizures

I said it was likely to happen. I’m spending much of my time asleep or struggling to function. It’s been bad.

No it’s not the virus.

This is my normal chronic illnesses acting up. My house doesn’t make me healthier.

So I guess I need a poem for you guys.


Off the top of my head (and a day late)


I never really understood
that person living healthy
as if their body always worked
and never fought against them
I spend much of my time
making sure not to fall
or hit my head when things act up
I can’t deny the lows
my body has always been this way
disconnecting me from life
I never really had much say
when seizures rip through me
yet so many think I do
as if I can control the chaos
but when you start having them too
you’ll realize riding is all that’s left for us
I’ll stay in bed more times than not
because a concussion can kill me
so all that’s left is for me to drown
by saliva when a seizure greets me
while I try sleeping normally
somehow death has not manage
to take my hand
I guess you’d call me lucky
but here I am just waiting it out
before I can get back to work
I hope I can manage something
between the attacks my body sends itself

((It’s been a very bad month.))

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