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Even if I haven’t gotten much in the way of comments, I know people are reading and liking my poems.

I normally write free verse, but you’ll note that isn’t always the case. I don’t preference writing a style. If someone gives me a different type I will try to write it. The only ones I struggle with are the backwards/forward ones where you can read it forward and backward and still have it make sense. I’ve tried many times and nothing really works for me. My head is wired differently.

I’ve practiced many different poetry types over the years. I’ve been writing poems my entire life. I’ve been creating stories since forever, but my first really written item was poetry. I wrote stories shortly after. At least stories you can read. I can ignore my first attempts that were only scribbles on a sheet of paper.

Poetry is to words as music is to noise. Being able to move the words about and bring out emotion or a viewpoint is beautiful. Many of my poems can be set to music, but I don’t have that skill. (If you are looking to take some for your song, I am open to allowing permissions.)

I write poetry to feel. I write it to show. I write it just because. I write it to be free.

And someone out there wants to read it.

Thanks. The someones who read my poetry keep me working on this blog. I keep active because of you.

I have something to say to the world. I want to improve the world. I want to help as many people as I can.

But I’m sickly and often times can’t leave the bed. So I’m limited in my activism.

I will keep writing.

I will keep making poetry.

I will keep fighting for the future that we need.

And I will die doing these things. I hope more of my work can be created and published. Because some of my most important pieces are still sitting on my burners waiting for me to finish them.

I’ll leave you with a poem. An older one. I wrote it for my first poetry reading as a freshman in high school. It still has value. It’s still important. And the one I wrote it for has to exist, even if I never met them.

Beauty is a weary desire
For the love I long to hold
The feeling I have is unbearable
But I can’t seem to let it go.

Thanks for being here for me. I love you.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Poem Books] [Poetry Archive]
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