Poem: Blinking Cursor

(This was posted last year too, but I think the pandemic is making a lot more people feeling it. Including me. I’m so far behind with Camp.)

Blinking Cursor

It’s mocking me
that stupid blinking line
I know I’m supposed to be writing
I understand the concern
you mock my inability
when all I want to do is cry

that blinking little line
just continues its mocking action
throwing off my tenacity
and killing my vision
I cannot say anything against it
I’m lost without a cost

stop mocking me
blinking cursor
I’m losing all my patience
dealing with your gesture
you think it helps to blink
let me know where I am
all you do is remind me
I’m still at bloody zero

It’s mocking me
just mocking me
because I cannot seem to start
my mind is full of stories
and none of them are escaping
the blinker mocks my inability
as I cry over the lack of words

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