Poem: Please Need Me

(This is written by me [Cat] as if Cyro written for he who shall not be named. Or GD. GD would be a better father figure anyway. This is written for GD. He who shall not be named doesn’t deserve it.)

Please Need Me

I need you
I love you
don’t tell me
it’s not returned

You need me
I know you do
it’s impossible to not
don’t even try

I need you
it’s hard to deny
whenever time moves on
I need you in my life

I love you
with all that I am
my heart grows bigger
thinking of you in it

You love me
you must
I refuse to think
there is a moment that’s untrue

Please need me
I need you
Please love me
I love you

Please Abba
don’t leave me
alone and abandoned
I love you

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