Poem: Baby Hit Me One More Time by Britney Spears (Poem a Day May 2020)

(This one is too valuable. Not all of them will make it on here. The important ones will. I’m already at four created and it’s day 2. You won’t see Lies by Bigbang and Still Alive by Bigbang on here. I hope I write enough only the best make it into the book like in 2018. All the written poems made it into 2015. 2018 cut out quite a few.)

…Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

listening to old songs
from a time when
my body hadn’t
become a woman yet

those words i’d sing
without any idea
what they meant
but it’s a pretty girl
i like to sing

i’ll dance around
i like to dance
to feel the music
it moves through me
i’ll lose my mind

can i be such a thing?
can i sing and dance too?
or am i wrong?
society says
i cant
my inabilities are there

why did they stop me singing?
why was dancing through the aisles wrong?
well guess what school
and market
and strangers alike
i’ll sing and dance
as much i as like
because your rules are bullshit

for a time when i was afraid
afraid to be myself
to listen and understand myself
i’ll sing out loud
i’ll dance to whatever i please

all music flows through me
i won’t deny

society’s rules are bullshit
sing and dance child
no one should deny you art and life
i may not be paid
you probably shouldn’t
but i will sing
i will dance
join me being yourself

((To make this goal harder, I want to aim for a different singer/band every day. Don’t know if I’ll succeed.))

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