Poem: Last

(Speaks for itself I guess)


I’m waiting to be last
take whatever is left
whether its a name to pick
or gender
or even placement
i’ll accept being last

the position of last is super hard
you must guard the back
and make sure nothing comes
but it also means i don’t decide
the direction or path
letting me be free to focus on other stuff

i’d rather be last than first any day
and stuck in the middle is not okay
saving others from being stuck
or offering them the better luck
suits my thoughts

i’ll wait for others to pick the perfect one
or second best
or just good enough
go ahead
and jump before
i’m waiting for everyone to be comfortable
then i’ll step up
i’ll show my stuff
and leave before anyone notices me

I’ll accept the last place
where guard is expected
but lead isnt the going rate
trust in me to keep you safe
i’ll wait until everyone else has made it

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