Poem: Black by Gdragon feat. Jennie

(You guys noticed my interest in GD, didn’t you? [Happy Birthday GD didnt give it away already. no way.] I am posting this for a friend. She may guess it’s for her. I wasn’t planning on it at first, but someone may need it now versus later.)

Black by GD feat Jennie

the world is black

the home I knew
is covered in shadows
from before you moved

the world is black

my schoolwork is boring
and classes are dull
without your laughter in the halls

the world is black

the playground where we hung
looks lifeless even filled
the kids don’t understand

the world is black

as if the seeping sorrow
found deep within
has managed to reach the sky

the world is black

it’s not just black
the stars may be dim
but still offer light

the world is black

for now it may be
but even the volcanic ash
settles after a while

the world was black

and probably will be again
if I test the fate
that caused you to get away

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[About Cat Hartliebe] [Poetry Archive]

Who’d I write this for? Apologies to whoever it was. I hope you liked it. (This is why I need to write things down.)

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