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One of my favorite games to play is Pokémon Go. Pokemon Go is a augmented reality game played on the phone. It’s really popular and several years old now.

Within the game, there is a battling system. It’s new. The beginning of the game let you battle others in gyms, but never really against each other alone. The Battle Go system allows you to battle other random players in the game in real time.

The battle league is set up so you can battle others at your skill level. Supposedly. I’m always win. Based on how many times you win, you get rewards and move up ranks. You start at rank 1. Everyone is a rank one until they win enough battles. The final and hardest rank is 10. Currently, battling is very easy because of the pandemic.

Before the pandemic happened, it took a lot of walking to participate. Right now, you don’t have to walk at all to battle. Which helps. Because I tend to forgot my phone when out and about.

Each league season lasts between one and two months.

Winning so many battles and reaching a certain level in the league gets you special rewards. There is a new reward in the system called Elite TM.

Everyone who plays knows about the TMs. Even ones who played another pokemon game would know about the TMs. They change moves. Normally in Pokemon Go it’s a random change. The Elite TM gives you the option to pick your move. For a pokemon like Mew that has a ton of moves, it’s really helpful. But I wouldn’t even waste it on Mew. I would use it to get one of the special event moves like Hydro Cannon for Blastoise.

Yeah! You can get community day moves using the Elite TM. You can’t with the regular. It’s awesome that Pokemon Go listened to us. We asked to be able to get the older community day and legacy moves which are denied normally. This gives us a way to really boost up our pokemon.

What do you need to do specifically for this? It’s a reward for rank 7 and above. I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy. But it’s possible.

If you battle a lot, you want this. If you wanna do raids well, you need this. If you want to take on the masters, you gotta get this item.

Pokemon Go is only getting better. You should join us!

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[About Cyro Hartliebe]