Poem: Enej – Kamień z napisem LOVE (Poem a Day May 2020)

(I listen to a lot of non English songs anymore. They’re harder to turn into English poems, though. This is such a cute bouncy song. He offers a rock with the word love on it. She asks for a cheap bouquet of flowers.)

Enej – Kamień z napisem LOVE

When in love
the little things matter
a house is nice
but as long as we have shelter
i cant mind

dont worry if we cant
get a fancy meal
every once in a while

i dont care if the rock
is filled with diamonds
or whether it fits my finger
a necklace works too

when in love
the little things matter
the way you hold my hands
as darkness falls on us
the lightness of your kiss
and the way you say good night
as if my love is all thats needed

when in love
you dont need much
little things matter
perhaps a meal out is
beyond our means
but a night in means so much
perhaps filling a room with roses
wont fit our bank account
but picking a few daisies
will make a difference

the little things matter
the bouquet of flowers
you made waking home
the four leaf clover
you found playing in the yard
offering the first plate
the first slice
the biggest piece

the little things matter
bought things wont bring love
love has to be there first

the richest person in the world
cant persuade me
not with rocks
or gems
or dream houses

love isnt buyable

but a little treat now and again
would make me fall a little more

its the little things
that matter most
so buy the cheap bouquet
itll be worth it

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