Poem: This Love by GDragon (Poem a Day May 2020)

(I wasn’t planning to post this, but then I realized my poems lately have been depressing. Here you go with something not cry me a river.)

This Love by Gdragon 

(I prefer GD’s over Maroon 5.)

My heart started pounding
when you walked in the door
i cant believe you came
not that the invite was faked

how do i look?
will you even notice me?
im sweating
this is crazy
you actually came

every step seems to take forever
im losing my mind
the only sound that hits me
is that pounding heart of mine
and the clicking of my heels

your grin lights up the room
you dont look scared
even if you look to know no one
thank you for coming
i needed this
such a little boost and im lost

that’s too basic.
i should say more
my tongue is tied
i cant believe it
youre here

the brief scan shows interest
im interesting
youre here
im on cloud nine

i take the offered hand
if this is a dream
dont wake me
we twirl and laugh
i cant believe it

“Thanks for the invite”
you knew it was me
i cant believe i get thanked
i dont deserve it
“This has been fun.”

speak brain
ask for another time
dont let this go
dont let this be only once

Your smile has me caught
i can only manage to gulp
as you turn to the door.
“See you.”

Thats all I get?
one dance?
short words?
what did I think?

berating myself at home
has me almost miss the short text
<Again next week?>
your words have me caught
i cant give up
my heart pounds
just thinking of me and you.

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