Poem: Can I Offer You a Cup?

(Of tea. What else are you looking for? I love tea.)

Can I Offer You a Cup?

Can I offer you a cup?
the warmth the liquid brings
may actually be enough
don’t mind the steam
or burning mug
the tea may be just enough

for what?
you ask in worried tones
as if the world hasn’t crashed and burned
well everything may be handled
with the proper cup
and gentle sample

Can I offer you a cup?
the simple ancient act
of offering some warmth instead
filling brim with steeped water
removing leaves that opened up
filling teapots full of calm

Of what?
You ask with interest piqued
as if you know absolutely nothing
I can only offer so much
while we ponder over cups
sitting quietly contemplating the world beyond

Can I offer you a cup?

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