Poem and comments: Good Boy by GDXTaeyang (Poem A Day May 2020)

(If you wanna just read the poem, skip to the end.)

I’m writing a poem a day or more. I’m showing off randomly.

Cat Hartliebe must be beyond amazing to pull of poems so quickly at such a high level. Do they even edit? Do they even create first drafts? It look so easy for them.

Even if you haven’t thought/said those comments, Cyro has. It annoys them to no end that I pull off poems that are long, have a point, and create feeling. It looks like I pull it out my ass perfect.

Looks can be deceiving.

With my poetry or even my super shorts, I have written ones that stay in first draft condition. Super shorts fit on a page. Poems often fit on a page. Somehow I go from having nothing to having a completed item in an hour.

That happens. It didn’t always. I’m over a million words written. Every word got me closer to what can be seen as perfection. And those one hit wonders are rare. Just because you don’t see me edit doesn’t mean I don’t.

For my poems and super shorts, I generally take about an hour for them. An hour where I come up with something. I edit it while reading it out loud. I look for everything that makes sense or could be wrong or could be better. I’d consider an hour or less working on it fast.

But anything more than an hour sitting before one poem leaves me not noticing the issues.

That means I won’t know if this poem matches my true desires for it. Could it be complete enough as is? Yeah. And if it has a purpose and point, I can leave it. It doesn’t have to reach my original idea. That isn’t normally goal.

For every poem and super short, like my longer stuff, I give it a few days to be alone. Then I reread it. Does it still work? Did I lose my mind for a time? Is it good enough for the world?

The poems you get for the most part only have that one hour work period. If at the end of it I say it works, I will post it. The Monday poems often have a second run through before being posted, but not always. Are they good enough? *shrug* You tell me. An hour on fifty words is a lot of time.

Even during planning and drafting, I have to be able to answer several questions: Who, What, Why, How, etc? Who is speaking? Who are they speaking to? Who are they speaking about? Who else is involved? What is the main topic? What is the side topic? What relates to those topics? What are they doing? Why is this important? Why does it matter? Why are they doing what they are doing? Why aren’t they doing something else? How are they getting from first word to last? Could there be a better option? When is it? Where are they?

Do I answer all of the questions for every poem and story? No. The longer it gets, the more that needs to be answered.

These questions- asking them and answering them- is the reason my first drafts can turn into something amazing.

But they don’t always. I try not to post a poem I know needs another edit. A poem who hasn’t answered the questions it needs to. You don’t see my editing. You don’t see the work. I try not to show it off. Because, most of the time, you don’t care. An average person doesn’t care how the poem got to the end point. They don’t care how long it took or how much work went into it. They only care about the end result.

And that is fine. That is why my comments normally are short and sweet. Because I assume, you’re really here to read the poem not find out why I wrote it. Or how. Or when. Or anything at all.

This poem is different though. It’s not finished. I wrote it yesterday for Poem a Day May 2020. You may have heard Good Boy by GDXTaeyang. You may know it off the top of your head. I don’t know. You may have never heard of it before in your life. Doesn’t matter. Because the first ideas for a poem have nothing to do with the story GD created.

Because when I hear “Good Boy”, I think puppy dog. I’ve done some amazing (Boasting here, let me) dog poems and stories (Happy Puppy).

After an hour of work, this isn’t something I’d boast. Like, at all. It sucks. I have to let idea and poem come together. I have to answer those questions. I have to give it time. So either I’m going to rewrite it later, or it won’t end up in my Poem a Day May 2020 book. I have enough, I can forgo the crappiest of the group.

It’s just… The idea is there. It’s not done well enough. Because even after thirty years of poetry practice, I still write duds occasionally. You guys just don’t normally see it.

Good Boy by GD and Taeyang

That’s a good boy
i have it
you dance about waiting
when will i throw it

you’re such a good boy
i rub your chin
and pet your back
when will i throw it

go ahead good boy
i toss the small thing in to the air
it goes super far
and you run as fast as you can

my good boy
you bring it back tail wagging
i get the ball again
when will i throw it next

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