Poem: That Mountain

(It may not exactly be a mountain I’m facing down. Close enough.)

That Mountain

The mountain in the distance
That’s the goal I hold up high
to climb it to the top
and be proud of my accomplishment

How can I reach such an impressive feat?
So many steps between now and then
to build the strength just to climb
that’s gonna take a lot of me

but there is more that’s needed then
it’s not a cozy stroll through flowers
we’re talking mountainous climate
where oxygen forgets to visit

so I must ready for that too
not just the final picture or the muscle boost
I need to ready for lack of support
and the fight to breathe that I know will hurt

Many have lost their lives to climb
this mountainous building I desire
giving up is not my decision
even if it seems almost impossible

just deciding on such a direction
sounds difficult at best
so fighting the uphill battle
will truly be worth it in the end

My goal to climb that mountainous beast
may sound unworthy to you
or even ridiculous
but for me, it’s my topmost priority.

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