Poem: Good Morning Kisses

(i dont want to give away the poem’s meaning before you have a chance to read it. let me know if you can guess.)

Good Morning Kisses

good morning kisses
good evening hugs
and during the day
i have to forgot what we are

to awaken
with your lips on mine
it brings out the sunshine
even if it rains

then as the day ends
each and every one
my arms wrap around you
just because its fun

between those two times
the morning
and the night
is the harshness of living
a false masked life

Everyone drones on
about finding someone
as if i havent
cause we’re too alike

i have to listen
to others offering options
that i try to deny
and they call me names

why am i unable
to tell them the truth
that i am with you
and only you

but no one sees us
as anything special
girls have sleep overs
even after thirty years together

i can kiss you
and hold your hand
and people will think
were best friends

good morning kisses
good evening hugs
seems all we can get
I want so much more

can I be considered
as more than a friend
when the newspaper
mentions one of us

Will we be seen
by anyone else
as something more
than friends for once?

will it always be
good morning kisses
good evening hugs
and nothing between

or will there be a day
i can proudly say
im married to
the woman of my dreams?

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