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(I’m not using the hashtag. I won’t add to the unimportant information that ends up attached to the hashtag. It’s for moving things forward. I’m just taking a stance.)

Useful links to look through: (Research besides. There are a ton of books and information available if you just look for it.)

Black Lives Matter
Where to Donate + How to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement (Slam Online)
A list of resources for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement (It’s Nice That)
How to support Black Lives Matter, wherever you are (Timeout)
How To Take Action And Support The Black Lives Matter Movement In L.A. Right Now (Secret LA)
Black Lives Matter A curated collection of links (The Marshall Project)
Where to Donate to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement (Real Simple)
Actions You Can Take Today To Support The Black Lives Matter Movement (The Good Trade)
Anti Racist Books (Goodreads)

*Whine; whine* (Ignore this nonsense; pick a link and have fun.) I have made posts in the past pointing out which side I’m on when it comes to equality. (Why is Alex black? Descriptions Rant are quick to come to mind.)

Unavoidable quote 5
Unavoidable quote 8

If you read Unavoidable, you’ll realize how deep that goes.

Equality is part of who I am. It’s what I stand for. It’s what I will fight for.

profile picture

If I posted a touched up picture of me, you would know I have privilege. You’d be right. I can hide the parts of myself that make me “less than”. You don’t have to know about my disabilities, my genderfluid identity, my asexuality, or my pansexuality. You don’t have to know anything about my poverty classification or the fact I grew up bullied extensively.

I mask all of that. I have to. Because if I don’t, I am setting myself up for damage. There is literally no one I am truly myself with. There is no one I do not mask in front of. One day, I will be completely honest with Cyro. They will know everything. For now, I’m the adult, the guardian, the parent, the teacher. Right now, I have to be that figure. I cannot break that mask before him. There is no one else I trust. Every time I attempted to open up and try, I’ve been given reasons to hide away, to mask.

“So speak up!”

When you give me a reason to mask, I go non verbal. More often than not, I shut down when I am faced against discrimination. To have someone I trust… I have no safety net. Those who I hold in that position have all hurt me and made me put on a mask. I want to push them away and find someone I can trust. How? When you’re trapped in a cage and surrounded by enemies, how do you find an ally?

No matter.

Even if I only lose everyone who is close to me. Even if I end up truly homeless, not just borderline, I will keep fighting. In my own way. I don’t have a lot of options. Part of the reason I am published… The reason I did this… The reason I self publish and not fight for a position is because I want my view to be known.

I fight for acceptance and equality. For everyone.

That means I will always fight against the oppressors. All lives really do matter, which is why I support Black Lives Matter and feminism. Because that is what it means to say all lives matter. You take care of everyone. And when one person is being harmed just because they exist, you focus on supporting them.

I wish I was more well known. I wish I could support more. I wish I could take what little energy I have to make a difference. That is what I mean by wanting to make a difference in someone’s life. That is what I am trying to teach. Sometimes, it’s not as obvious of a theme. Sometimes, it stares you down.

Please support those fighting closer to the front lines. Be another protective body. Pay them to fight for equality because that’s what the donations are for. You are paying them to fight for equality.

Learn more. Research more. Be more diverse in your characters. Alex in Dragon Rider isn’t the only black hero who saves the day, but the number of them is still too low. Write.

Lift up those who are fighting every day whether they agreed or not.

If you do not join the fight, you side with the oppressor.

I had no one in elementary side with me. Not a single person. I know that feeling of being truly alone even when surrounded. Whether they made a comment or not. Whether they insulted or hurt me or not. Every single kid I knew in elementary school sided with those bullying me. No one fought for me or my right to exist.

I can’t let that happen to others.

Fight. Step into the light and try. Don’t get bothered when someone calls you out for it. Because everyone fails on their path. Giving up is for the weak.

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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