Poem: Only One

(Pride Month.)

Only One

Is there something wrong with me?
I don’t understand the question.
What do you mean I can’t
be attracted to everyone?

Don’t ask me why I’m caught.
Didn’t you seem them stroll by?
The way their body moved…
It had to catch my eye.

The lady who was here last night;
she was smoking hot.
All the things I wished to do…
I refused to tell her that.

Don’t forget that gorgeous male
who taught us a few things.
His dance has me all a twirl
as images accosted me.

It’s not like I’m in control
of the way my heart goes pitter pat.
I flounder before everyone,
because everyone is hot.

With so many making my heartbeat worse,
I fear it may attack.
But attraction doesn’t mean as much,
since I already have a match.

Don’t fear me looking at everyone.
My sights can see a lot.
But when it comes to who I touch,
it’s you and you alone.

As we have this conversation,
I watch your disdain and fear.
It’s not like I’d do anything
my thoughts do not leak.

Maybe something is wrong with me.
Not because I seek them all,
but because I stay with someone who says,
“You can only like one.”

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