Poem: The Month was a Riot

(Pride Month.)

The Month was a Riot

The month was a riot
a fun and happening party
where people celebrate
being who they are
without masks or lies

it has me recall
the beginning of the fight
the time when riot
meant disorderly conduct
because pride wasn’t out yet

pride was in a closet
everyone was because
to be honest with others
could lead you to jail
or worse…

Even now as many celebrate
with music, food, and more
people die under
questionable circumstances
just for being themselves

To be inside the closet
to have never drifted out
you will not know acceptance
you won’t know your true self
but your death isn’t closer

is that true though?
when many chose to die
because they are shown a world
where they cannot be true?
where suicide sounds right?

“Stay inside the closet
you are the family’s black sheep
dont even suggest
that your family would honor you
thats asking too much”

being considered as I am
and being called by my truth
and standing free and aware
so everyone knows who i am
is wrong according to many

so we fought
and we won
in some matter of way
we do not have to hide
and its a hate crime if they say

so then why are many murdered
why cant some come out
are we really free
or are we just pretending
because we have the privilege to

the first pride was a riot
that’s what we say now
because when police attacked
we said the closet’s not for us
and killing isn’t second best

so now when death is still felt
by many in our group
and others treat us less than
because we don’t fall in line like them
protesting only makes sense

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