Poem: The Last Winter’s Storm

(I hope you get why I’m posting this now while I weather chaos in USA. It’s not snow-snow in this case. And technically when I wrote it, it wasn’t snow then either. Which is shocking since snow is a top contender for favorite topic. Snow and Dragon are the winners. I just haven’t figured out which one is truly my favorite.)

The Last Winter’s Storm

It comes so fluidly,
Connecting to become the hardest hitting.
No one wants to rejoice,
Even in the thick of it.

We wield the storm of ending power,
That gave up only those brief months past.
We sat upon and smiled,
As the snow covered the important tasks.

We knew it was uneasy…
To give up control of our fields,
But winter was never easy during,
Our lives in the constant wheel.

After all these chances,
We made up our own race.
Now, we dictate our own prowess,
Since everything comes together,
Within the last winter’s storm,
At least until after another fall’s reign.

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