Poem: Flower

(Will Cyro become a beautiful flower and forget me?)


The beautiful flower
I stare at each day
wasn’t always that way

I nurtured and cared for
before I could see
since the seed hides
below the earth and the sky

And then, just barely,
the green shows up
preening so gently
waving in winds
and striving to win

I gave it my all
fed it carefully
water it well
tend to the area
and deny harm as well

I spent so many hours
and minutes
and time
making this creature
stronger than I

Soon, but not too soon
it shows off this flower
it proves to the world
it really does matter
all of my work
gains all of your praise

I am just the gardener
drifting through days
working with dirt
in shadows of the day
turning a plain seed
into a beautiful array

so many pass by
and think
how grand is the sight
this beautiful flower
is definitely alright

How many of them
think of the one
who gave up some life
so this seed could become
this beautiful sight

How many gardeners
are out there right now
tending and caring
so someone grows up

Are the beautiful flowers
ignoring the care
the tending that got them there

Are they thinking
they did it alone
when few seeds can manage
with nothing at all

Us gardeners don’t mind
it’s not the praise we seek
we love watching you grow
and become something indeed

But it hurts to hear
all of our work
was ignored because
it didn’t flatter enough

My hands covered in dirt
working all day
to keep you afloat

I helped you become
something bigger than me
I don’t mind getting lost
but just don’t forget about me

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