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I have fourteen days so far this month that does not have dragon poems. I can’t go back to the first and add one, but besides that, I can totally create (or find a missing poem) a dragon poem for the day.

Thirteen poems seems easy enough.

The current calendar for July.

The reason I did this was because I organized my flashdrive where my poems are generally kept. I am nearly 500 individual poems. That I have. I know I don’t have all of the poems I’ve ever created. I wrote Blue Skies on Insta and haven’t put it in my collection yet. I’m trying to keep up on at least the new stuff, but… I’ll get Blue Skies in the list. It’s already marked to the world.

I’m not even certain of how many. I already have 440 marked in my list. But I didn’t write down all the individual poems from 2018 yet. That’s more than 30 right there. Less than sixty, but how much less?

I was thinking of working on poetry this month to bring me over the 500 poems. Either find the final few or create enough to boost my numbers. It won’t be too hard.

And you guys thought I had more prose than poetry. Ha! I should be double the amount of poetry compared to prose. Should be. That says how many is missing.


Going through my collection of poetry (excluding love), my top topics are snow and dragons. It’s always been that way. By writing another thirteen poems about dragons it should surpass snow. It might already. It’s hard to keep track of this stuff.

Dragons should win.

Dragons are the best.

dragon rider 7 front cover1

Also this month I will publish Dragon Rider 7th Grade. I’ll get a quick formatting of my rewrite of Dragon Rider 10th Grade. I already did a formatting of Poem a Day May 2020. I may or may not be finishing it this month. It won’t take long to make perfect. Maybe August. I want to also get to work on Dragon Rider 11th Grade’s rewrite. I have thoughts mulling about in my head. I reworked the timeline to suit the story better which fucked up my last three books. But it didn’t end right in the first draft. It needed to be fixed. Now it makes sense. It just makes the rewrite harder. I have to finish the final two rewrites this year to be on point for publishing at least once a year.

I may add a few posts this months on the series. Like maybe the gender and sexualities post I made up and never posted. You guys wanna know that stuff right? Or perhaps I’ll create a short character sheet for my different characters. Who should I write up first?

I don’t know.

Anyway. Look forward to the dragon poems. If you have questions about my dragons or my myth or anything leave a comment. I love chatting about my writing. I love chatting about dragons.

Have a great dragon month!

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