Poem: Dragon Savior

(I thought I was going to miss today’s poem, but… Why even suggest that? I can’t not write.)

Dragon Savior

I am in love with a dragon;
I always have been.
They’ve been my ally,
my white knight,
saving me when times change.

They have scolded me,
when I was wrong.
They gave me hugs,
and said it’ll be worth it.
My dragon savior.

It has been my entire life,
where my heart was taken
by the dragon flying by.
They offered only benefits
as if I would mind.

There is nothing wrong with me
seeking out a fantasy;
That’s part of why I write,
since few have a dragon
who tells them it’s alright.

I am in love with a dragon;
I always have been.
It’s not a real being,
but the proud and confident
self I’ve always been denied.

The flying scary beast
who saved me day after day
is really nothing more than
the truth that I refrained
from showing the world.

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