My Dragon Myth: Colored Names

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One of the ways to figure out what color a dragon is is by looking at their last name. Their last name is meant to say what color dragon they are. I have a list of random names to use. If you have any bonus suggestions, send them over. The more, the merrier.

Red :: Rouge, Blood, Heart, Heat, Fire, Flames, Burn, Fire, Fiery, Crimson, Rose, Wine, Blush, Brick, Burgundy, Cherry, Fuchsia, Ruby, Sanguine, Hot,

Blue :: Aqua, Bleu, Sapphire, Bubbles, Steam, Tidal, Rain, Azure, Cobalt, Teal, Navy, Marine, Cerulean,

Green :: Verde, Grun, Vert, Emerald, Poison, Toxin, Lime, Antidote,

Black :: Dark, Onyx, Death, Decay, Burial, Grave, Swamp, Sombre, Bane, Blight, Barren, Ashen, Corpse, Ghast, Grim,

White :: Blanc, Ice, Cold, Albino, Wit, Zuri, Bijel, Weiss, Branco, Alabaster, Bleached, Ivory, Blanch, Snow, Chalk, Eggshell, Flurry, Frost

Bronze :: Melt, Statue, Lava, Magma, Volcano, Sepia, Rust, Henna, Russet, Brass,

Electrum :: Electra, Sparks, Covalent, Surge, Metallic, Dynamic, Charged, Voltaic,

Copper :: Acid, Base, Ionic, Hazel, Adherence, Pact, Bond, Joint, Link, Brine, Saline, Alkali, Alkaline,

Gold :: Helios, Light, Life, Spring, Fresh, Mold, Spore, Mint, Treasure, New, Virgin,

Silver :: Luna, Star, Air, Space, Cloud, Argent, Sterling, Platinum,

With this list, I want to ask you what would you think are Jacob Verde’s siblings colors?

The halves: Epic Grun (Domincia Moss’s father) and Peire Cerulean

Full siblings:

  1. Kimi Rouge
  2. Joan Lune
  3. Maki Russet
  4. Sari Meadows
  5. Zut Azure
  6. Drusilla Ion
  7. Frit Henna
  8. Ejib Sapphire
  9. Lorelei Ashen
  10. Nahemm Sanguine
  11. Shimmer Moon
  12. Wilhelm Frost
  13. Quetzal Cloud
  14. Pearl Aquamarine

Then he has two other children: Rook Verde and now dead Bathalsor Verde. Those are obvious.

Some are easier than others. This also points out the last name is not because of the parent. The last name could be the same as the parent, if the colors match. If not, they pick a new name to match the color.

Joey will not have his father’s or mother’s last name. They pick Flurry for him. It suits.

When Alex returns to his mother’s home, they want him taking on the Noir name. He’ll probably use it for the dragons, but won’t among humans. Different culture. Different expectation.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Dragon Rider Series]

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