My Dragon Myth: Dragon Colors

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Dragon Colors

(Part one of my dragon myth)

In my myth world, there are ten dragon colors. No one color is stronger than another. They each have skills of their own they have to figure out. And within those skills are troublesome areas for most children. Several of my stories have the chaos of being too good up front as a dragon. It only leads to problems.

The ten colors split into two groups. Koressurgic and metallurgic. I thought I used the Greek translation for solid to get koressurgic. I didn’t. I’m not sure where it came from then. I created it over a decade ago after finishing up David and Frelock, my first novel ever. (I still haven’t done a second draft on it.) But when I translate kore into greek, it means statue of young maidens. I’m confused.

I made up a word completely without any connection to anything. (It did have a connection! I just don’t remember what…)

Dragons are either shining, shimmering chaos creatures.

Or they are matte, solid chaos creatures.

(Okay they aren’t always chaos creatures, just normally.)

Metallurgic dragons are the shining dragons. There are five: gold, silver, bronze, copper, and electrum.

The matte colors, koressurgic, are black, white, red, green, and blue.

Each color is unique, but there are comparable between one metallurgic and one koressurgic.

Silver and white both breathe cold although the how is slightly different. Whites breathe frozen liquids and solids. Silver breathes frozen air. Silver’s breathe ends up looking more sparkly, but has less range since air normally has to reach lower temperatures before being frozen. White and silver both have a problem with cold auras. They keep themselves safe and comfortable by surrounding themselves with cold. It freezes things.

Bronze and red both breathe fire. This is a strange note, since all dragons breathe fire. So how are these two colors different? Every dragon is warm blooded. They create body heat. If they do not give off their body heat, they collect it inside to be used as fire breath. Bronze and red’s special colored breath is also fire. Based on what they ingest and inhale, they are capable of more range and more skill within fire. Bronze uses liquids and solids often creating lava flows by accident. Red super heats air. Like white and silver, bronze and red can have aura problems. Since they deal with heat, they can wrap themselves up with an aura of heat protecting them and burning everything nearby.

Copper and green are different. Green dragons breathe poison. Coppers breathe acids and bases. Many of them cross being both a poison and an acid/base. It’s easy for them to have comparable issues. There is a special lime green dragon, too. Lime greens use healing. They do a special poison making someone lack any desire to fight. Minus the general loss of control, copper and green are the least likely to have major issues as babies. They are also the hardest to defend against when they lose control. Unlike the others who can hang around non dragons after tackling the major issue, until these guys have full control of their breathe, they cannot be trusted. You cannot protect against every poison or acid/base. It’s not possible.

Electrum and blue use water as their base. Electrum splits water and can use the ionic bonding’s charge for electricity. They pull apart molecules, but there start is with water. Blue uses life based needs which starts with water. They can move into more complicated connection to life’s needs. Blue has a major concern with controlling the weather. Electrum may actually start breaking things up just by being near them without using their breath’s power.

Gold and black are done last even though they were listed first. Because they are as different from each other as they are from the rest, but in the same note they are the same. Gold breathes life. Think of it like a spore cloud. Walking through one of those makes living hard. Now think of the spore cloud as a toy water gun you got at the dollar store and the dragon’s breath weapon like a water cannon the military uses to break through things. Got it? Cool. Black breathes death. Same idea as gold, but with the reverse. Gold tends up end up with fertility auras. It can make raising golds difficult. Normally golds get raised in a single parent situation which may make their arrogance expected. Black dragon’s death aura just means they can’t visit places readily.

This is just a start of my myth knowledge. I’m been working on it for about two decades now. I started my dragon world back in high school, I believe. Although I didn’t even know the different colors back then. I knew some of them. And some of my myth comes from elsewhere. But there really isn’t enough of a connection to anything to say exactly where I stole the bulk of my stuff from. Two decades of decisions does that.

I do wish to show appreciation to those who have helped me. Especially Phoenix. They were the reason I came up with koressurgic as a word. Or perhaps they came up with it. Maybe they remember what it means… I should also thank my mom for listening and Cyro for seeking more information. Both help.

There should be at least one more post about my dragons before the month ends. I just have to write it out first.

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