My Dragon Myth: Dragon World

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I have called the place “Other World” “Arcane World”, and “Dragon World”. There is no clear reason for the naming.

At the top of the food chain are dragons. And the dragon pair at the top-top would be called King and Queen by the fey living in this world. To the dragons, they are Mother and Father.

Why did I mark that? The dragon mother and dragon father are meant to handle all the concerns for their particular job. The father handles the day to day nonsense of elder dragons. The mother handles new titles and all dragons below Elder status. My dragons claim the mother’s job is harder. Why? Because to reach Elder status means you don’t need help. Titles are hard to acquire and mean growth. Whether a dragon is aiming for the basic titles- Babe, Centurion, Middling, and Elder- or the Elder titles, which vary as much as dragons do, they will be pressing for growth. Which means trouble.

Imagine learning how to control fire. Sounds easy right? Attempting to control fire tends to cause trouble like buildings burning down. Not all dragons have help, support, or a teacher for their growths. That means Dragon Mother is the automatic “I’ll help you” person.

This is part of why Sari in Dragon Rider is such a bad Mother. She isn’t a bad dragon. She’s inexperienced. She’s young. She’s more aggressive and assertive than a teacher should be. So she ends up being a bad Dragon Mother. But her siblings suggest she’d be a decent Dragon Father. The titles cannot be switched, but they believe if they were, the dragon world wouldn’t be in such dire states.

The aggression and assertiveness of Sari would do the father title well. Because Father is meant to stop dragons from causing harm to the world as a whole. Mostly Father deals with day to day occurrences and issues among dragons. And only dragons. It’s not that the fey can’t call upon him, but it’s not his job. During Dragon Rider, because of Mother’s weakness, if the fey need help, they’re calling the King.

It’s a rare case that a fey would go to the dragon royalty. They have elders in their own clan/group/tribe/organization that they’d lean on. Such as Jonah’s mother when you first meet them. She’s a queen. Then Jonah becomes Queen of the farm. She’s the first person the goblins on her farm go to. Then most fey- basically all fey- have a direct dragon for concern. So after they go through the fey uppers (which may be a lot), they go to the dragon that is guarding/helping/keeping them. Not all fey are part of a horde, but all fey are close to horde status. The dragon Jonah would go to is Verde. Verde does not own Jonah, but keeps her farm’s livelihood possible. Many fey have several dragons they may call upon. Normally they would be allies to the dragon who claims them or enemies who seek to guard them instead. After they exhaust all of those people, they head for the king and queen. By then, the royals should know the problem exists and should already be handling it. If a fey asks two separate elder dragons, it normally means trouble. It should be on the radar for the royalty.

What else is there to say about the world? It’s massive. There are eleven zones. Each color has it’s own area: bronze mountain, red desert, green forest, gold meadows, silver tundra, white plateau, blue ocean, copper fields, electrum valleys, and black swamp. Plus the Royal Mountain which is non elemental.

There is no favorite color in the world. Every fey connects to a certain color. And many fey have ten different looks to match up with the different colors. It’s mentioned the goblins have two separate types: red and green. But within those types are a range of tones and types that match the colors.

Hm… I’m not sure what else to say at this moment. It was going to be about the world and ended up more about the authority structure. More next time I guess.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Dragon Rider Series]

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