Poem: Captured by the Dragon

(I have a lot of dragon poems. Let’s fill the month with a bunch of them. Pick your favorite.)

Captured by the Dragon

Captured by the dragon
it took me in its claws
I hung in the air
as it flew me to its home
The flight wasn’t bumpy
actually it was quite nice
i could see my entire country
i’m the third prince in line
i’m pretty certain now
that this capture was not accidental
my oldest brother feared
I’d be considered the better option
so he sent a dragon
or would you call them up?
or write a letter and send it?
who would deliver it?
But however it happened
I was caught by the dragon
we flew all the way to its lair
where I am trapped in a tower
waiting for a knight in shining armor
is boring
I’ll apologize to every princess
all my comments about saving
were cruel
at least the dragon hasn’t eaten me
Captured by the dragon
I guess that’s my fate for now
the prince trapped in a tower
cause although third born
I was the best kingly option.

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