My Dragon Myth: Dragon World Part 2

Each individual area within the world. You don’t hear much about them in any of my stories as of yet.

(This is a mix between Cat Lune and Alex Copper telling you about the places. Cat doesn’t appear in the stories until 11th Grade and I’ll probably be changing her name. Haven’t decided yet.)

(The order is completely random.)

Bronze Mountain

It’s a mountain range with volcanoes. It’s one of the few safe places a budding bronze can live. They need the heat and lava. Ever heard of lava angels? It’s the bronze babies’ favorite game.

Red Desert

Hot and dry. The sun stays out all day. Few clouds if any. And if there is rain, it’s at night. The red dragons will make sand dune homes. They are more active during the day aiming for anything that was killed by the weather versus do the work of killing. Because of the uniqueness of this territory, creatures that are seeking death will walk it during the day.

Green Forest

It’s closer to tropical rain forest than temperate, but both exist. Greens have personal preferences as to where they like to live within the forests. Even though it’s a forest, most greens have underground caves as nests.

Silver Tundra

It’s cold. It’s all snow. Cold desert. Silver dragons and their allies don’t mind the cold so much. Igloos are common, but more for the travelers of the dragons not the dragons themselves. They are underground dwellers here. Most of the time. Blizzards aren’t likely, surprisingly. If you happen upon one, assume it’s a nearby dragon. Most weather patterns are there because of a wandering dragon.

White Plateau

Even though it’s cold, it’s not surrounded by the cold. It is like you are on top of a mountain, but it’s more flat plains. There has been quite a few people claiming the White Plateau is colder than the Silver Tundra. But I think it’s because they didn’t notice a passing dragon. You can get green houses happening here, which is unlikely in the Silver Tundra.

Blue Ocean

It’s a vast under water world. Various islands dot out of the water for visitors. And many fey live on ships. If you ever spot a water dragon swimming, call yourself lucky. Normally they swim too fast for sight. A normal dragon can breathe under water for weeks. A blue dragon has it down to years. Several are known to sleep on the bottom of the Blue Ocean. I wouldn’t suggest waking them. Actually, I highly suggest you don’t.

Copper Fields

It’s swampy without being a swamp. It’s marshy without being a marsh. It’s boglands, but I wouldn’t call it a bog. There just isn’t enough water for that. But call me crazy if I don’t treat it like I would a bogland. Be careful where you step. Don’t eat any of the mushrooms. And watch out for the acid sprayers. They’re common plants here. The dragons use them as a rite of passage for Copper Fields. I always thought it was a cruel joke, but most Elders have no trouble with the plants. #babetrouble

Black Swamp

The Black Swamp is dark and brooding. What? It is. The creatures here make night look bright. I don’t even mind the excessive death part of it. The fallen logs covered in mushrooms (these are generally safe to eat) are pretty. It’s picturesque in a way. I would choose coming to these swamps over the Copper Fields. You’re safer even if it looks scarier. Looks are very deceiving. (Not that I would suggest teasing a dragon about it; all of them can kill you.)

Electrum Valleys

You thought storms were uncommon among the different areas. You can think that as long as you don’t visit the Electrum Valleys. There are always thunderstorms and high winds here. It’s not the dragons failing to buffer their flights. No. It’s the breaking up of the cloud cover setting off random charges. Breaking up water isn’t easy. And causes a lot of backlash. And electrum dragons do it for fun. Lightning art though is beautiful. If you have a friend who’s electrum, I’d suggest making a compliment about electric art. You’re likely to boost them enough to show off. (Never ask a dragon to do anything for you. Favors are dangerous.)

Gold Meadows

Lots of chaotic life in Gold Meadows. Award winning gardens are common. Many dragons will live in little cottage looking houses. Some will even take to the lone trees building tree houses. I would definitely suggest steering clear of any trees you spot in Gold Meadows. That’s normally horde worthy action checking them out.

Colorless Mountain/ Royal Mountain

The final area is limited. It’s the smallest and connects to every area in some way. Don’t ask me how. Minus the fact space isn’t really a concern for a dragon. You will find the royal chambers here. The Dragon Mother and Dragon Father live in the mountain. Often times unclaimed children stay here. Princes and princesses of the royal pair stay here until they reach Middling. Also the unclaimed Eggs.

The Egg Room is a special place kept under watchful eye of the top Princess. These Eggs may have parents, but have decided on a long term wait before birth. If the parent didn’t wish to hold on to the cave/home long enough for the egg to hatch, they hand it to the Egg Room for safe keeping. When the egg hatches into a Babe dragon, the parent picks them up and makes a safe place for them. If no parent claims them within a year, they fall under the direct care of the royal pair. Mind you, the parent does not have to be the birth parent. It just has to be willing to care for the child until they reach Elder status. There is little else special about the place. Just one massive colorless mountain where the royalty live safety and within access of the Dragon World.

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