Poem: Attack of the Fire Breathing House Cat

(I’ve been creating fantasy creatures for a long time. Meet one of my oldest homemade creatures: Fire Breathing House Cat. It was a transformed dragon, but you don’t know that when looking at it.)

Attack of the Fire Breathing House Cat

you never see it coming
the pleasant polite thing
curling around your legs
one moment lapse with dish in hand
and fire erupts from nothing

you didn’t think it possible
a fire breathing house cat
yet you collected it
thinking the stray needed help
and you have room at home for it

it was easy caring for such a
perfect little kitty cat
but if you forget to offer
the food they desire most
your place will be not last

this was a creature I created
when I was but a child
it was my first time pretending
a dragon would transform
whenever it desired

when I felt lost and worried
as if being small would kill me
I would called out “Attack
of the fire breathing house cat!”
it could beat everything

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