Poem: To Charles, Who Used To Be King By Jacob Verde

(This is from Lord Jacob Verde to King Charles as he is dying. The dragon is asking a human to join his horde. Dragon Rider 10th Grade)

To Charles, Who Used To Be King
By Jacob Verde

you are human
and a friend
you stayed beside me
when no one did

you were the person
i sought the most
and now im lost
because youre gone

you were human
long before
i looked up to you
as many did

you gave me happiness
which i thought id lost
and i felt the sadness creep in
as you laid upon that bed

you were the one
i longed to hold
to offer hugs
and words of gold

you stayed beside me
as few did
even when i lost my innocence
why did you leave me then

you are my friend
you’ll always be
i wouldnt be alive
without your help

you are human
just a human
a person I longed to see

you let me stand
besides you for a while
as you held everything together
i looked upon and smiled

you were my best friend
for many years
years of sorrow
years of tears

you are just a human
and so much more
will you please accept my wish
and continue to stand beside me

you were a human
but not anymore
now you dont need sleep
now youll stay with me
forever more

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