My Dragon Myths: Dragon Titles

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Dragon Titles

I mentioned already that the Dragon Mother offers titles. I don’t have a lot of titles decided on.

The basic ones though are simple. Egg, Babe, Centurion, Middling, and Elder. After Elder, a dragon doesn’t need to seek a new title.

The big ones I go over readily are Prince and Princess.

Let’s start with the basics.


Dragon bloods such as Dragon Rider as well as any dragon still within their egg are at this stage. It means the dragon hasn’t been born yet, but exists in some way. The timer does not begin, but dragons can communicate with a dragon in Egg stage. It only takes twenty four hours for a dragon to be ready for birth. That doesn’t mean it won’t take longer.


After birth, a dragon exists. There is no requirement to earn this title besides become a dragon. When Natalie turns into a dragon, she claims Babe status. There is no real test. You cannot claim the title of Dragon Rider in that world without being able ot reach Babe. Dragon Rider means they can be born as a dragon. They don’t have to be. There are rules to being a dragon. It’s not as fun and easy as you think. Natalie just doesn’t have much of a choice. She’s too powerful to not turn.


To earn the next level, a Babe has to prove they can survive on their own. It’s not hard. All creatures really have to prove this. Survival on their own, does not mean the dragon will be on their own. The dragon’s parent is probably still going to be involved. It just means the dragon is allowed to act on their own without parental watch and care. Some of the tests include: swimming a lake that’s twice your size, making a meal, finding your way through a forest, or just living for twelve hours. It’s meant to be easy. There are very few dragons who don’t manage. A dragon must manage this by one hundred years old.

**Bathalsor died at one hundred one years old because they could not manage this test. Who knows what stopped them from being capable of surviving on their own. Since their parent was a lime green dragon, it was likely they never dealt with the harshness of the world thus never having enough need to learn how to live on their own. Jacob Verde has a very deep wound from this loss.**


After reaching one hundred years old and Centurion title, a dragon can aim for Middling. They have to earn the title before reaching five hundred years old. It’s a lot of time. Middling proves a dragon can care for a horde. Which means the test is caring for a person, object, place, or situation. Often times, the parent will offer a testing horde piece for the Centurion. Or ask for the Centurion to collect something and bring it to them. Those are the types of tests common.

**Amelia is currently taking this test. She has killed quite a few of her father’s horde pieces. ; Lorelei claimed female during this time period. She got the black fairy princess, which should have been an easy Middling success. She failed the test. Her fairy princess died. ; Natalie would pass this test as well as Centurion if there was a Mother who could test her as well as her age making it possible to test.**


You cannot claim Elder title until you are five hundred years old. You have under you reach one thousand years to earn the title. A dragon in the dragon world isn’t really a dragon until they claim Elder. Elder is expected. Anything less than would have you be called child. The royals will deny an Elder fighting a lower level. Middlings are allowed to battle over Middlings, but Centurions and Babes are denied access to the fighting ring unless under claim of another title. To claim Elder title, a dragon must have mastered their strongest skill. Basically, they have to master something they have control over as a dragon. The tests are based on the magic in question.

**Alex would qualify for passing all the basic tests including Elder by the time Dragon Rider is over. He gains mastery of his death magic. He had to as both Black Dragon and Mortay.**


Besides the basic titles, this one comes up. It shows up early in Dragon Rider. It means this person is seeking Dragon Mother or Dragon Father. Multiple points must be marked before this title is possible. The easiest, be born of a royal dragon- Mother, Father, Princess or Prince- and claim a gender. Pretty much all my dragons in Dragon Rider have/had such a title. Even Dom, who had the Prince title until she decided on female later on. She isn’t looking for the Princess title.

To earn this title without the parental connection, you have to prove worthy to “Them”. “They” are the spirits within the Dragon World who give insight and knowledge. “They” test and question. “They” really don’t have any power. It’s more like a back up to the royals. Mother and Father are capable of marking a dragon trying to royal placement, but because it means they’re aiming for their claimed position, it leads to trouble. Nothing says Mother cannot kill an Elder Princess. It would not be marked an illegal kill either. Just like it’s acceptable for the Elder Princess to kill Mother. It is part of the passing of titles.


To earn Mother, an Elder Princess must kill the Mother. The Father must either be accepted as the new Father or defeated by whoever is the new Father. The Mother must die. The Father does not have to.

There are a few other titles I came up with placed about the stories. When I find them, I’ll write up another post.

If you have suggestions, give them to me. The myth is complex already, but not that well developed.

[Dragon Rider Series] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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