Poem: Dragon Questions

(So many Dragon poems. You need more. I love dragons.)

Dragon Questions

Do we really know what comes
when someone says it’s a dragon?

Do we have any idea
of who or what that consists of?

Can we guess in our mind’s eye
when dragons are spoken of?

Do dragons fly or swim or dance?
Can I ask it for a race?

When we say a dragon comes,
do we mean the mythical one?

Or is it that when dragons come,
it is more hyperbola?

Could they say that dragons are
the ones in charge of everything?

Then when the dragons come for us,
it is more Hitler advancing?

Or is this more Genghis Khan?
Or would we say it’s Qin Shi Huang?

Some dragons kill those in charge
leaving themselves above all.

Some dragons kill the lowest rank
killing all hope that’s left.

Some dragons bring us hope
and tell us it’s okay.

The dragons I can hope to see
are the ones that many wish would stay.

Yet the dragons we truly know
are the ones who’ve caused the most harm.

So I’ll say loud and clear,
If you’re not a mythical dragon, leave.

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