Poem: Dragon

(This is one of my oldest poems. It doesn’t make much sense… Then again… Good luck!)


The dark deep depths of Darrinthea’s rumbles,
The dragon terrors of the cave,
Where many people dare not go,
Unless to receive angel’s wings.
One fearless knight has no fright
When dragons were spoke of.
“With a leap and a slice,” he stated,
“I would kill them unspokenly.”
To kill a dragon is his dream.
He rode his speeddemon
To where dragons roar,
And made a simple promise,
‘I will defeat these horrid beasts,
For I am a champion!’
He drew his sword
And stumbled down the passage.
Later, he returned with a bag full of gold.
No one knows what happened.
The knight, now the king,
Would never answer any questions.

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