Poem: Being Genderfluid

((Both Cyro and I fall in this gender. I wasn’t expecting to have the same gender as my child.))

Being Genderfluid

Being genderfluid
does not mean my interests change
we can talk about pokemon all the time
and if you’re into books, here have some of mine

Being genderfluid
might make me change clothes
or feel awkward in my favorite dress
or wish I was wearing one

Being genderfluid
has me question in the morning
will today be a good day
based on whether I accept the “normal” pronouns

Being genderfluid
gives me the understanding of what it’s like being male
even though everyone says I’m female
and sometimes I agree

Being genderfluid
does not change who I am
but it can mess with my reactions
so I refrain interacting for many reasons

Being genderfluid
has me asking for they/them pronouns
because I won’t tell you every day
where I am on the list

Being genderfluid
means my gender changes at random without reason
but that’s okay, I still like being me
I hope you feel the same.

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