Poem: Singing Princess

(One of few where the dragon is the enemy… OoooOoo)

Singing Princess

Come closer my friend
there’s a story you must hear

once upon a time
long long ago
there lived a princess caught
Who could catch such a vibrant thing
the one she calls Daddy

She would wander halls and fields
singing which brought about animals
even the plants would stare at her
whatever she gifted with her song
The problems of following birds
the goats and pigs, even ants
nothing would deny her lovely voice

the king saw the fear of the populace
and decided it best she be locked away
so in a distant tower
with a few close friends
the princess started life anew
everyone aware her songs could draw

but who she drew was beyond measure!
a dragon heard her and thought pleasure
soon this princess became a captive
all because she sung such beauty
this dragon creature murdered all
but the perfect singer of the tower

soon a volcano sprouted
forcing only the bravest to reach out
the dragon had its treasure
the princess must always sing for safety
nothing looked like it would help
how can you fight a dragon?

the king hated his decision
he lost his brightest treasure
all because a dragon found her
So he sought across the lands
“The knight who saves the princess
earns whatever right in the land he seeks”

Such a knight could be found
after many years of travels
they found their way to the castle
with hope and bravery
the knight sought out the tower

the dragon was tired of sitting still
as much as it loved the music
the singer goes fainter by the year
she is no longer the perfect singer

when the knight came upon the tower
it was a different thought
as the dragon saw its old friend
the previous tower occupant
the light was found
the song would get better
since this old princess
would sing with the new one

“Find a better home.
Seek a better life.
Humans are not playthings.”
The knight bows her head
letting the dragon leave in peace

soon the two travel back home
the recent captive with the older one
they talk of the dragon calmly
it grew boring and the song simmered
but now with freedom they sing bright

The king asked what the knight wishes
as if nothing else mattered
the knight only bowed their head
and left without any riches since
her goal is freedom of all the princesses.

Do you think the story well made?
No? Well, allow me to offer a little song
perhaps the dragon still remembers me.

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